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Take To The Skies With A New Firefall Trailer

It was years before I stopped writing "jetpack" on my Christmas present list, when my parents sat me down and told me that they didn't exist. Also that I was adopted. That second bit wasn't true, but I really wanted jetpack and they were trying to soften the blow. I've never forgiven them for taking my jetpack dreams away. But a new Firefall trailer is adequate recompense. It has jetpacks in an open-world that's built to take advantage of the vertical movement. It's pretty as a picture to boot.

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Actually, as much as I love jetpacks, those glider wings looks amazing as well. Firefall's a vast, F2P co-op game, so imagine you and some friends hopping and flying over that pretty, rolling landscape, all for no money. The shooting looks excellent as well. Too good, in fact. If I hadn't played it, I'd still struggle to believe that it's as sharp as the trailer makes out. I've been a cold, hard cynic ever since I started writing "BMX" at Christmas.

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