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Crafty: SC2 Heart of The Swarm, The Mod

WITCHCRAFT, TRICKERY, DEVILRY, PERVERSION. A man, if he truly deserves that title, has sullied the noble art of waiting a long time for a new videogame. He has jumped the gun in the most devious possible way. He has... no, I can barely stand to repeat it.

But I must. His crime must be known. He has recreated the units from the impending StarCraft II expandosequel Heart of the Swarm, before it has even been released, and packaged them into a four-map mod for the current version of Wings of Liberty. I... I don't know what to say. He might as well have wiped Blizzard's hard drives and then taken the very bread from their mouths, such is the heinousness of this thought-crime and the surely catastrophic consequences of making something that looks and plays a bit like something in future might play.

It took him 60 hours to do it, and even involved the creation of a spreadsheet containing known and best-guess values for the various units. So, not only has he ruined Blizzard's next game, but he's also spilled their priceless secrets in public. He should be tarred and feathered for this OUTRAGE and SICKENING DISRESPECT FOR COPYRIGHT. Of course, he'd probably argue that he's demonstrating his passion and enthusiasm for the game, and thus in turn increasing other gamers' anticipation for it. Sounds like hippy talk to me.

You can find details on how to get hold of Heart of the Swarm Custom here, but I hope you're only downloading it so that you can then angrily delete it.

Via PC Gamer.

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