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Former StarCraft 2 devs form new studio "to boldly advance the RTS genre"

Another new studio of ex-Blizzard folks

Less than a month after a load of Blizzard veterans announced several new studios, another group have announced a new studio of their own with plans to focus on real-time strategy. Frost Giant Studios are mostly former StarCraft II developers, and say they are "on a mission to bring real-time strategy games to a broad audience." They haven't specifically announced a game yet, but I'm certainly curious now Blizzard are stopping making new SC2 content.

"Real-time strategy players are an incredibly passionate community, and they deserve not just a great new game, but one they can share broadly with friends," said Tim Morten, the CEO of Frost Giant and former production lead on SC2: Legacy Of The Void. "Building a worthy successor will take time, but we're incredibly excited and grateful to carry real-time strategy forward at Frost Giant Studios."

Look through the team list on Frost Giant's website and you'll find most of 'em worked on SC2, several rising to lead roles by the time it wrapped up with Legacy Of The Void and the Nova add-on.

For now, Frost Giant have nothing specific to reveal. Their announcement talks broadly about plans for "lowering the barrier to entry into RTS as well as significantly enhancing co-operative, campaign and competitive gameplay," as well as doing digisports. Alright, I'm listening. They say they'll have more to say next year.

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