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More Indie Discounts: Show Me The Sales

Just when you thought full price may be an option, here's another gathering of discounted titles over at Show Me The Games. It's called Show Me The Sales and includes well-known games such as Frozen Synapse but also some that I've never heard of, such as the delightfully titled Magical Diary: Horse Hall. It's not a bundle, instead offering discounts on single titles and it lasts for almost two weeks. All money goes direct to the developers so if you feel ambivalence or blind rage toward middlemen and charities, these are the discounts for you.

It's probably a fact that it's impossible to pay the full amount for indie games anymore. I haven't checked but with all the discounted bundles flying around the place (the internet is an aviary for the purpose of this sentence), it seems like the sort of thing that would be a fact.

This is a little different to most, being a collection of games that are all on sale rather than a collection of games for sale. If this isn't just a one off, it shall also be known as the one where money goes directly to the developers. The whole thing is the thoughtspawn of just such a developer, Cliffski of Positech Games, and he has this to say about it.

This is my little side project, and is a way to encourage indie pc devs to sell direct, and for gamers to remember what it’s like to buy direct. It’s really no hassle at all, and you get the satisfaction of ALL of the money going to the developer.

Anyone who is suspicious and thinks I must be making money from it somehow, I’m not. I see it as being in my long term indirect self-interest to maintain a healthy direct sales channel for indie developers. That’s all.

Sounds good to me. See if there's anything of interest in the digital discount aisle.

Also worth noting is the addition of Bullet Candy Perfect and Irukandji to the current Indie Royale Bundle. As of writing, that's six games for £2.54.

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