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Entrenched: Gratuitous Tank Battles Diary

The lovely Cliffski has put up a new developer diary detailing the forthcoming Gratuitous Tank Battles, this time talking about what exactly Gratuitous Tank Battles is. Which appears to be a blend of the sensibilities of previous fleet commander sim Gratuitous Space Battles with the pathfinding of a tower defence game. No, quiet in the back there, settle down. It isn't your typical tower defence game, see. Let Uncle Cliffski explain.

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There there, all better now. As Cliffski sums up at the end, it's an "asynchronous tower defence game with customisable units and a built-in map editor where you can play either side and spans World War 1 up to the future with mechs and lasers." If there was anywhere to go after Gratuitous Space Battles, this is definitely it.

That customisation looks to be acheingly deep, too. I had flashes of Alpha Centurai's unit designer when presented at the customisation screen at 1:54, only even more complicated. Mmm, delicious complication. Endless amounts of drop-down boxes and custom features to fiddle with on my tanks, that's exactly what I want.

There's footage of the map editor at 3:18 and it looks like a breeze to create your own little roads of death. Like Gratuitous Space Battles before it, you'll be able to post your creations on the internet to challenge all comers, or download other armies and blow apart their inevitably eye watering colour schemes. I don't know about you, but I like my fashion sense to be delivered at the barrel of a gun.

You can follow development progress of Gratuitous Tank Battles over at Cliffski's blog.

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