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Say hello to RPS' new guides writers, Rebecca Jones and Hayden Hefford

Back to full strength

After months of searching, I'm pleased to announce that the RPS guides team has finally added two fresh faces to its ranks. Please say hello to Rebecca Jones and Hayden Hefford.

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Hayden and Rebecca's arrival means our guides squad is finally back at full strength. Rebecca fills the hole left by Ollie when he moved up to become our new guides editor back in May, while Hayden fills the hole left by James Law (RPS in peace), who left at roughly the same time earlier in the year.

As RPS supporters will already know, Rebecca has actually been with us for a while now. She joined us from our sister site VG247 just after I ascended to the RPS editor-in-chief chair at the beginning of July - I've just been very tardy and rubbish about giving her a proper RPS welcome. Apologies Rebecca!

Since she's been with us, though, Rebecca has been taking the lead on our excellent New World guides while also tackling all things Roblox and Genshin Impact, and she's been doing a stand-up job. She also absolutely loves horror games and The Sims 4, and I look forward to the inevitably heated Sims build-offs with Alice Bee at some point down the line.

Hayden, meanwhile, joined us at the end of September, having previously written guides for The Gamer and Generation Xbox. He's already been getting well and truly stuck in with Back 4 Blood this past week, and has been helping Ollie bulk out our extensive collection of Minecraft guides as well. He also loves a good FPS, and has an encyclopedic knowledge of all things Marvel. If you have any MCU-related questions, Hayden's your man.

Please give them a warm RPS welcome in the comments below.

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