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Amazon Games investigating New World invulnerability exploit

Players are concerned it'lll cause havoc in wars

New World players have found an exploit that lets you turn invincible, which is certainly not the sort of exploit you want in your PvP-focused MMORPG. According to players who've encountered the bug, it's pretty easy to replicate, and folks are calling for wars to be disabled until there's a fix. Amazon Games say they're aware of the problem and are investigating, so hopefully they'll patch the game soon to make sure everyone's staying vincible.

New World player "Inkassokrav" posted the exploit to the game's forum, alongside a video showing that it's fairly easy to replicate. It involves switching the game to windowed mode and dragging said window around, which freezes your character's animation and makes them unable to take damage.

Once you let go of the window, the character will take all of the accumulated damage at once if they were being hit, so it's not like you can just go running around all immortal-like. Still, unintentional invulnerability is never a good thing where PvP is involved.

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An Amazon Games community manager says the devs are currently investigating the problem, and adding that it's their top priority to solve these sorts of issues as quickly as possible. They also mention that moderators will be dealing with anyone abusing the bug.

They don't give any details on when a fix will be implemented, and in the meantime players are calling for wars to be disabled. New World's wars are about poaching territory from other factions, so the concern is that someone could use this exploit to become invulnerable on a capture point, stopping the enemy team from effectively attacking or defending it.

New World has had a decent share of troubles recently. Issues with Easy Anti-Cheat locked folks out last week, and Amazon have delayed server transfers, as well as told players they wouldn't be able to transfer characters between regions after all.

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