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New World server transfer: how to transfer your character to a different server

Step-by-step instructions on how to transfer your character to a new server in New World

How do you transfer servers in New World? When New World launched back in September, many players eager to avoid hours-long queues hopped into any server they could get a spot in, with the assurance that server transfers would be made available in due course. After a few bumps in the road, we're pleased to confirm that New World's server transfer feature is now live for all players!

There are plenty of reasons for wanting to change server, whether it's to finally meet up with friends who ended up elsewhere during the initial launch-week stampede, or to beat wait times and lag in your current homeworld. Whatever your reason for wanting to switch, read on below for instructions on how to transfer your character to another server in New World.

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How to transfer your character in New World

Here's a quick run-down on how to complete the character transfer process; we've included more details below if you need them:

  1. Load up New World with the character you want to transfer and go to the Store page in the in-game menu.
  2. In the World Transfer tab on the Store, select the free World Transfer (Single Use) token and select Purchase.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions, beginning by choosing your destination server and then confirming that you have completed the prerequisties to transfer.
  4. Once you're ready, click Confirm Transfer. At this point, the transfer is non-reversible. You will then be taken back to the main New World screen and asked to re-load your character to enter the new server.

Claiming your free World Transfer token

You might have noticed the Change Worlds button in the game's menu, however this is greyed out and not actually interactable. This seems to be intentional, as the hover text directs you to head to the in-game store to transfer your character.

The landing screen in New World, with the new Change World button (currently greyed out).

To access the store, click the Play button from the landing page to load your character in their current server. Once you're in the game proper, press Esc to view the game menu; the Store tab is the third in from the right.

Navigate to the World Transfer sub-section of the store and you should see a World Transfer (Single Use) token, with its price listed as Free. You can click on this to see its item page and from there click Purchase to claim it.

The New World Store page, showing the item page for a World Transfer (Single Use) free token.

Claiming your token will automatically begin the character transfer process. This is a two-step process that begins with you nominating the server you'd like to transfer to from the list.

Choosing your new server and confirming the transfer

There are a few restrictions on which servers you can choose to transfer your character to during the Select World step. Most obviously, you can't move into a server that can't accommodate you, either because it's already full or because it's currently down for maintenance. You also can't move into a server if another character owned by your account is already being hosted in that server. Finally, for now at least, you're still restricted to only jumping between servers within the same region.

Beyond that, though, you're free to go where you please. In further good news, you'll keep almost everything your character accrued on their original server, including: level, currency, all your gear (weapons, armor, etc.), and even your house and its contents, and your quest progress. Really the only things you lose in the transfer are your in-game relationships with other players on your old server, such as friends list and affiliations.

A list of servers in New World that are available for characters to transfer over to.

Once you've chosen your destination, Step 2 gives you a list of housekeeping tasks to complete before you begin the transfer. You need to first quit your Company if you're part of one, and finish up any outstanding Trading Post activities you have on the go. Finally (much like enabling PvP) you need to be standing in a Sanctuary when you redeem your World Transfer token. Clicking Confirm Transfer from this page is the point of no return, and the transfer will no longer be reversible after this point.

The New World character transfer page, requesting confirmation before the transfer is locked in.

If you don't meet these requirements, simply cancel the transfer by pressing the cross in the upper right of the window and backing out of the store page. Tie up your loose ends before following the process from the very start once you're ready — your free token will still be available to "purchase" from the Store, since you didn't finish redeeming it yet.

Can I buy more World Transfer tokens?

At the time of writing there doesn't seem to be the option to purchase additional World Transfer tokens from the New World store. Amazon have made it clear that the free transfer is one-time-only, but also previously indicated that further paid transfers would be made available. Given the troubled launch of the feature, it may be that paid transactions are on pause while the viability of the free service is tested — we'll update this page when we learn more.

If you're planning your character's future after they transfer to an even braver and newer brave New World, be sure to check out our New World best builds and best weapons guides. Or, if you're after some more general advice, look no further than our New World tips and tricks!

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