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Razer streaming gear is heavily discounted at Amazon UK

Plus the incredibly excellent Viper Ultimate mouse - an ultra-light wireless champ.

A whole host of Razer peripherals and streaming equipment has been discounted at Amazon UK today, including one of my favourite mice of all time - the Razer Viper Ultimate. Here are the links, then we'll get into the explanations of why these deals are worth considering!

So: the Viper Ultimate. This mouse has never left my desk since I reviewed it back in 2019, and I even picked up a limited edition Cyberpunk 2077 version a year later. I love its lightweight yet comfortable design, the freedom provided by its low-latency wireless connection and the clever charging dock that means it's always ready to go. The shape of this mouse is excellent, with a symmetric design that allows it to be used by left and right-handers equally well. Dimpled grips on the sides make it easy to grasp, while the low weight makes it incredible for fast movements in games like Counter-Strike or Apex Legends. The battery life is comfortable at around 70 hours (with no RGB), and it comes with a super-soft and flexible cable if you do need to use it wired. If you've not tried wireless mice in a while, the Viper Ultimate is a super convincing demonstration that the latency and reliability is just as good as a wired mouse - and at this reduced price, picking one up is an absolute no-brainer.

a photo of a streaming setup featuring the razer seiren mini microphone

Next up is the Seiren X and Seiren Mini. These are two great but not incredible microphones for streaming, offering a single pick-up pattern well chosen for picking up the detail in your voice. The mic is a condenser mic rather than a dynamic mic, so for that extra detail you do get some background noise, especially if you keep these mics in front of your keyboard. On the good side, both mics are dead simple to set up and start using immediately without any mishaps - ideal for a novice or intermediate streamer. The Seiren X in pink is 50% off and the Seiren Mini is 20% off, so both offer good value.

a photo of a streaming setup featuring the razer ripjaw capture card

Finally, the Ripsaw HD. This is a USB capture card that can record or stream your gameplay at 1080p 60fps, but it passes through up to a 4K 60Hz signal to your monitor so you can still play games in high definition. This is a sensible pick - 4K 60Hz capture cards are significantly more expensive and create much bigger video files, so downscaling to 1080p is no big deal when you'll likely be streaming at 1080p or below anyway. Razer aren't the best known capture card makers - Corsair's Elgato and Avermedia probably get the nod there - but this is a good choice at its reduced price of £64.

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Phew, that's about it! Thanks for indulging me and reading all the way to the end, if indeed you did, and if you have any questions feel free to chime in in the comments. Keep your stick on the ice, and I'll see you again on Monday for more RPS deals!

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