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Genshin Impact version 2.2 is here with a new island and your free 5-star Aloy

She gets a "B" but she is free

As it does, action and explore 'em up Genshin Impact has rolled out another game update adding more characters, weapons, a domain, and a new island too. Genshin Impact version 2.2 has launched today, opening up more of that new Inazuma area and bringing its first crossover character Aloy of Horizon Zero Dawn fame to the game. You can hop into the new update titled "Into the Perilous Labyrinth of Fog" as of today to get started on all the new activities.

Cover image for YouTube videoCharacter Demo - "Aloy: Otherworldly Hunter" | Genshin Impact

One of the biggies for update 2.2 is that it brings Aloy to us folks on PC. She's been available to PlayStation players since last month but is now ready to join our parties too. She's a five-star character that you can grab for free, which is quite a nice get, especially for folks like me who rarely attempt to unlock new characters with the gacha Wish system.

You can unlock her from your in-game mail if you've reached at least Adventure Rank 20. Her bow and cryo skills have earned her a B rank on our Genshin Impact character tiers list as a pretty decent DPS character. You can also get some tips on which weapons and artifacts to equip her with in our best Aloy builds.

Genshin version 2.2's other new character is the pyro polearm-wileder Thoma who will be arriving in an event Wish later on in this update.

Another big add for the update is the new Tsurumi Island in the Inazuma area which was perviously blocked off by fog. It's still a spooky-looking, foggy place, but hey you can get there now. Tsurumi is also home to a new domain. It's a deserted manion called Moshiri Kara that you'll need to be Adventure Rank 40 to enter.

You can grab the rest of the patch notes for version 2.2 on Mihoyo's website with bug fixes and the other limited time events kicking off during this update.

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