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New World now lets you transfer your character to another server

Plus, you can get a free pumpkin and emote

Server transfers opened up in New World overnight, letting players shunt their explorers from one world to another. This is a desirable feature in many MMOs, and particularly in this one because servers were so overloaded at launch that Amazon recommended players join any old server then transfer to their desired home later once things settled. All players get one transfer for free, but only one, with Amazon planning to start selling that service later.

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New World players will receive one token to transfer a character to another world in the same region (contrary to initial reports that you'd be able to swap regions). Your character progression, inventory, storage, currency, houses, housing decorations, and quest progress carry over. That server can't be full, mind and you can't move to a server where you already have a character. Your Company membership, active Trading Post buy and sell orders, and friends list cannot carry over either. And yep, only one transfer token per account.

Amazon say they "will continue monitoring world populations, queue times, and will evaluate the need for an additional wave of server transfer tokens to be given out for free." But once players have had time to settle, they plan to start selling server transfer tokens for real money. Yeah, that kinda sucks, but is fairly typical for MMOs. See this blog post for more details on everything.

Amazon introduced server transfers first on Utopia in the Asia-Pacific Southeast region as a testbed. After seeing that the game didn't explode, they next hit the rest of AP Southeast and South America, as this forum thread notes, then by around midnight had spread to EU Central, US East, and US West.

"Thank you for your patience and understanding while we worked to release this feature," a community manager said. And as another wee thank you, they're giving a "Waiting" emote free to all players. You can claim it from the in-game store.

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Also free in the store right now is a decorative jack-o'-lantern for your house, arriving alongside a big slap of new paid cosmetics.

Alice Bee's New World review-in-progress earlier this month ruled, "Despite bugs and queue times, Amazon Games' new MMORPG is good piratey fun (especially the Faction system), but the early game is very grindy and you will cut down a lot of trees." And Ed insists it needs mounts.

If you're adventuring, you might find our guidegang's New World tips and tricks helpful.

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