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Football Manager 2022's early access beta is available now

Kick off

Football Manager 2022 pre-launch beta is live now. If you buy the kicking sim on Steam or Epic, you can immediately start playing a nearly-finished version of the game. If you're really committed you can probably be sacked at least once before the sun comes up.

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The early access beta is now a yearly tradition for Football Manager, giving Sports Interactive a chance to fix bugs before the final launch. It's also, in my experience, typically in a good state, so I've never regretted my choice to start playing before the final release. Progress carries over to the full game.

There are a few features missing, such as access to Steam Workshop and the in-game editors that let you tweak the player database. Online multiplayer is available, however.

You might normally use the in-game editor to take your favourite team and artificially inflate their coffers so you can purchase a dream team of footballing superstars. Of course, in lieu of the editor, you could always just start a career as manager of Newcastle United. Ithankyou.

Football Manager 2022's new features include a new animation engine and data hub, as well as staff meetings and many other tweaks to team talks, press questions and more. The full game launches on November 9th.

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