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PNY's great value DDR4 RAM is going cheap in the US

A series of discounts on desktop and laptop RAM.

PNY isn't the first name you might think of when it comes to RAM, but they're sometimes a great value - including today, when a series of RAM kits are on sale in stores across the US. Here are the links - and some words about why you should consider them.

So, let's cover each RAM in turn. The first option is our top pick - two sticks of 8GB DDR4-3200 for $60. That's a great deal, especially for RAM with a nice black/red colour scheme that'll blend in well on most motherboards. This is CL16 RAM, so a relatively average timing that offers a good value if not the fastest speeds.

If you prefer something a little more eye-catching, this RGB-enabled RAM offers the same speeds but looks better doing it. Note that the heat-spreader looks a little taller too, so make sure this will fit below your CPU air cooler if you have one.

Finally, we've got some nice sticks of laptop-sized DDR4. This is a slower spec - 2666MHz - but still offers reasonable value. Note that we've linked to the 16GB stick above, but two 8GB sticks are also available - and a better choice if you have two free slots, as dual-channel RAM is significantly faster than running RAM in single-channel mode.

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This one is pretty cut and dried, but that's RAM for you I guess! I hope it was helpful nonetheless, and stay tuned for more deals in the future.

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