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New World rawhide farming: the best places to gather rawhide from boars

The best boar spawns for rawhide farming in New World

Where are the best places to farm rawhide in New World? It's no secret that New World involves a lot of crafting. There are dozens of crafting resources available, but rawhide is one of the biggies thanks to its importance in leatherwork and armor crafting. Rawhide isn't an overly rare material, but since you're very likely to need a lot of it, we've put together some tips on how to farm it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Best New World rawhide farming locations

Rawhide is a pretty standard resource in New World — all you need to gather it is a skinning knife, and it's a basic drop from all of the game's skinnable creatures.

Larger and more predatory animals such as wolves and bears drop rawhide, but for ease and efficiency of farming, boars are the best source of this material. Boars are medium-sized, and aren't aggressive unless you literally run into one, or try to get between it and a food crate. They are also the smallest creature that you can get rawhide from.

Here's a map showing every boar spawn on Aeternum, (courtesy of our favourite New World player resource,

A map of Aeternum in New World, showing all boar spawn locations.
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For more targeted farming purposes, take a look at the locations on the map below:

A map of the starting regions in New World, focussing on the boar spawn "farms" in First Light and Windsward.
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As you can see, there are huge concentrations of boar spawns conveniently located in and around the game's starting zones.

The border of First Light and Windsward is the hottest spot on the map for boar spawns, and since these two regions make up half of the starting zones, you're likely to have good access these locations from very early on. If you started off over in Monarch's Bluffs, there's a decent pocket of boar spawns on the region's north-western border — it isn't quite as generous as the ones your neighbours to the east can enjoy, but it is also less likely to be overrun with players, so it should even out. Really Everfall is the only starting zone with no boars to speak of, but since it's fairly central to the other three, you're not out of luck if you start the game there.

Crafting a skinning knife and skinning a boar is a tutorial quest objective, so you'll be well-prepared to go on a rawhide farming trip basically whenever you choose to do so.

That's the basics of rawhide farming, but we've got plenty of other New World guides for you to check out before you go. If you're hungry for more information about the creatures of Aeternum, we've got pages dedicated to turkeys, fishing techniques, and even the humble tadpole. Or, for a more general overview, have a look at our tier list of the game's best weapons and suggestions for the best character builds in New World.

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