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Konami will revive Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill, rumours say

Using external developers, apparently

New reports citing anonymous sources say that Konami are going to return to development of major games, with both new instalments and remakes planned for Metal Gear Solid, Castlevania, and Silent Hill. As first reported by VGC, many of these games would be developed by external studios.

VGC's sources say that the first new game will be a "reimagining" of Castlevania made by Konami in Japan.

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A new Metal Gear Solid, meanwhile, is reportedly in development by Virtuos, an external studio who traditionally offer developers assistance with 3D asset creation. Virtuos most recently worked on Nintendo Switch ports for XCOM2 and BioShock, and previously assisted with Battlefield 1, Uncharted 4, and several Ubisoft games.

"The new project is currently in early development and multiple sources suggested it would be centred around fan-favourite entry Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater," say VGC.

There have been several previous rumours about possible future Silent Hill games, including that Polish devleopers Bloober Team might be making one. Following on from the VGC report, Gematsu cite anonymous sources which say that Hideo Kojima is taking another swing at a Silent Hill game, with Sony's financial backing.

A photo of a Toffee Crisp, who offers no comment.
In fairness, at least my source is named.

I asked my own source, a multipack bar Toffee Crisp, who neither confirmed nor denied the reports.

Konami seemingly backed away from game development after the release of MGSV, waving off Hideo Kojima and favouring either smaller games (eg. Metal Gear Revive) or pachinko machines. The few major games they still develop haven't been well received, either. Earlier this week they released PES successor eFootball, which is currently the worst rated game on Steam.

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