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Konami are holding a Silent Hill stream this week

Tune in on October 19th at 10pm BST

We might finally be getting another Silent Hill game after a decade of mostly, well, silence. Konami have announced that a “Silent Hill Transmission” is set for this Wednesday, October 19th at 10pm BST / 2pm PDT. No details have been shared about whether you’ll be able to tune in on YouTube or Twitch for the stream, but Konami shared a link to a page on their site so you should be able to watch it there.

As we get ready to head back into the foggy town, it’s worth considering what this stream might reveal. Last week, I reported that Silent Hill movie director Christophe Gans had been chatting about several games in the survival horror series that he claimed were in development at Konami. One of these is allegedly being worked on by Team Silent, the originators of the series, Gans said. The other is the rumoured remake of Silent Hill 2 from Layers Of Fear and The Medium devs Bloober Team.

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Rumblings of a revival for the series kicked off last October, when it was claimed that Konami were looking to revive Silent Hill, Metal Gear, and Castlevania. This involved the company working with outside development studios. Back in May, rumours were circulating about a new Silent Hill potentially set in the UK. Some very blurry images emerged in September of what was claimed to be Bloober’s Silent Hill 2 remake.

We’ll let you know what Konami has to share when the Silent Hill transmission happens on October 19th. There’s a site for whatever they’re planning to announce here, but it’s a bit bare for the moment.

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