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Silent Hill 2 remake is not "ready for release", Bloober Team confirm after week of rumours

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Bloober Team have issued a statement about their upcoming Silent Hill 2 remake, clarifying rumours about the project’s release schedule and sales expectations. Last week, Polish site Bankier spoke with Bloober Team’s CEO Pitor Babieno in an interview that was mistranslated and began to circulate online. The mistranslations mentioned the remake was “technically ready” for launch, but Bloober Team have clarified these “statements have been taken out of context, due to inaccurate translations.”

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“It is also not true that we have announced Silent Hill 2 is ready for release,” the statement continues. “Regardless of the development stage, all of our activities are focused on obtaining the highest quality for the finished product - the quality that fans of Silent Hill 2 deserve.” The team acknowledges that fans are eagerly awaiting more news from the horror revival and that Konami will share more when “information becomes available.”

The mistranslations also mentioned inaccurate sales forecasts, most notably that Konami expected the remake to hit 10 million copies sold. Bloober Team cleared up that “Our company’s messages did not contain sales forecasts of specific titles.” Those figures were instead referencing “the potential success of the types of games we will be focusing on in the future.” Some recent Resident Evil games have passed the 10 million mark, so sure, the figure is a “potential” for bigger horror games.

Otherwise, Bloober Team have been tight-lipped about their upcoming remake. We know it will “faithfully stick to the traditional story canon,” according to a recent interview with one developer. Outside of that, Bloober will be making changes to the graphics (of course) and gameplay, with a new over-the-shoulder camera that necessitates overhauled combat.

Even though Silent Hill 2 remake isn’t technically ready yet, we do have two other upcoming games in the series to look forward to. Silent Hill f is a mysterious ‘60s-based take on the franchise from new studio NeoBards Entertainment. Meanwhile, Silent Hill: Townfall is the next game from No Code, the folks behind Observation - its teaser trailer is just as cryptic as Silent Hill f in fairness, but fans managed to unearth some secrets in its reveal.

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