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Leaked Silent Hill images suggest a new game with a British setting

A Silent Hill 2 remake is supposedly coming from Bloober Team, too

Images of what appear to be a new entry in Konami’s psychological horror series Silent Hill were posted briefly online over the weekend, before they were struck down by a copyright claim a few hours later. AestheticGamer, née Dusk Golem, posted the images to Twitter, claiming they were a "Silent Hill leak", and that they'd received "more than enough proof to believe" their source wasn't telling porkies.

Naturally, it wasn't long before Konami's legal team were on the case, but the images have since resurfaced on Reddit. They show a red corridor covered in what appear to be post-it notes (with an equally post-it noted creature in a dress standing ominously at the end of it), rooms filled with garbage, and a close-up of a woman's face with certain words visible beneath her skin.

It's these words that have led some outlets, including VGC, to believe the next Silent Hill might be set in Britain, as it includes uniquely British slang such as ‘minger’, a phrase I haven't heard in active use since the mid 00s. Graffiti spotted on a wall in one shot also apparently references the eternal line “He’s not the Messiah, he’s a very naughty boy” from Monty Python’s The Life Of Brian. Silent Hill hasn’t ever been set in Britain, but we’re a bloody odd country so why not, eh? Silent Hill 2’s protagonist was even named Sunderland, presumably after the city in North East England whose football team gatecrashed my wedding reception. Hope you enjoyed the open bar lads.

AestheticGamer does have form in the leaky horror space. When they were still known as Dusk Golem, they accurately revealed details about Resident Evil Village before its release, stating it would be another first-person Ethan Winters game with a lot of werewolves. However, Tomm Hulett, formerly a producer for Silent Hill: Shattered Memories and now at WayForward, has expressed disbelief at the supposed leaks. Personally, I can't get past the one where the woman's hair is seemingly threaded through her glasses. Perhaps we'll get an explanation at this year's Summer Game Fest Live?

Also doing the Silent Hill rumour rounds on Twitter today is a potential remake of Silent Hill 2, courtesy of the Layers Of Fear devs Bloober Team. A Pyramid-Head-sized grain of salt for this one, which has been hanging about for some time now ever since Bloober Team signed a "strategic partnership" with Konami in 2021, but the most recent gossip comes from NateTheHate2, who claims knowledge of "multiple Silent Hill projects in development". An interesting wrinkle to this is that it's since been corroborated by GamesBeat's Jeff Grubb. All mentions so far indicate a PlayStation focus as you’d expect, but only as a timed console exclusive. Given Sony's recent push to get more of their PlayStation catalogue on PC, here's hoping we'll eventually get to play it on PC as well - assuming any of it's actually true, of course.

Alice Bee enjoyed Bloober Team’s last game, The Medium, but felt it wasn’t that scary in her review, saying it “feels more like a set-piece puzzle game in a cool gothic setting”. “I wouldn't be averse to a game where I just played as Mariane and went around helping different spirits move on from everyday death and tragedy,” she added, “as opposed to the dramatic massacre and childhood trauma that seems to beset every single character in The Medium.”

Konami have yet to comment on either Silent Hill rumour, but we'll update this story if and when they do.

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