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Sony bought PC porting specialist Nixxes Software and this screenshot of Bloodborne is purely wishful thinking

They previously handled bringing Deus Ex and Tomb Raider to PC

Sony have bought another studio, after acquiring Housemarque earlier this week. This one is of particular interest to us, too. It's Nixxes Software, a "technical video game studio" responsible for, among other things, handling the PC ports for a lot of games.

The news shared by head of PlayStation Studios Hermen Hulst via Twitter:

Hulst points out in a followup tweet that Nixxes have worked with Sony before, helping Guerrilla Software to launch Killzone Shadowfall on PS4 back in 2013. We've primarily written about Nixxes over the past ten years, however, when covering Square Enix games, as Nixxes were responsible for the PC ports of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, every recent Tomb Raider game, and Marvel's Avengers.

Sony have been stretching into PC ports over the past year, of course, first with Horizon: Zero Dawn, then Days Gone, and next Uncharted 4. They have announced their intention to continue the practice. I have no idea whether Nixxes will now be using their expertise to help Sony bring more PlayStation exclusives to PC, but it's a more concrete step in that direction than, say, a logo being scrubbed from some box art.

Let's dream, then. You want Bloodborne on PC, don't you? I want the Spider-Mans. Some among you will want God Of War. Let's imagine that Nixxes are going to help make that happen, and with plentiful graphics settings and mouse control on the menus.

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