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Hold me! PlayStation exclusive Ghost Of Tsushima could be coming to PC

A tenuous box-art branding change is enough to get me excited

Let’s start our day with a little bit of hope, shall we? I’ll cuddle up with any rumour that suggests that PlayStation samurai sim Ghost Of Tsushima could be on its way to the PC, and the faint wisps of a rumour storm started to gather last night. The game’s official box art has dropped the "only on PlayStation" branding. Could it be? Is it possible? All signs point to mayyyyyyybe-ish-but-probably-not. Eh, I’ll take it.

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The tattle sprung up on the ‘Gaming Leaks And Rumours’ subreddit, where the box art was spotted sans PlayStation branding. Poster Dinov_ said: "Just noticed that Ghost Of Tsushima removed the Only on PlayStation logo on the box art. Looks [like] it just got uploaded today for Amazon Prime Day. Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone both got reprints to remove the logo after the games went to PC."

Good enough for me! I’ve deleted my System 32 folder to make room for… what’s that, Katharine? Stop doing what?

The rest of the world might want to wait for a bit, and definitely not delete their System 32 folder. It was also pointed out on Reddit that this is a pattern of rebranding that’s occurred since the launch of the PS5, and it’s part of the new template that Sony has adopted for their box art. But I’ve never been one to let reality get in the way of some old fashioned hope, and I’ve been longing for an open world samurai game since bouncing pretty hard off of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Sony continues to tease a stronger relationship with the PC. Just yesterday they were talking up how Bloodborne was the most played game on the PC on their subscription streaming service, PSNow. There’s plenty of evidence that we’d swallow a Bloodborne port in one bite and ask for seconds.

We know they’re bringing Uncharted 4 to the PC, and we already have Days Gone, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Death Stranding. I remain eternally hopeful that I’ll one day be sat watching Steam download the slashy classic.

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