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PlayStation exclusive Uncharted 4 is coming to PC

The console's big hitter is following other previous exclusives to our platform of choice

Though there’s no trailer, no screens, and no countdown to whet our appetite, it looks like PlayStation perennial Uncharted 4: A Thief's End has been stealth announced for PC. The console’s favourite stumbly treasure hunter will follow Days Gone and Horizon Zero Dawn to the PC promised land, as revealed in the cold, harsh glare of a Sony investor report.

The game's PC edition was revealed on slide 26 of a “Game & Network Services” presentation, with all the fanfare that a PDF presentation can muster. There's no release date or anything just yet, but you can clearly see it sitting quietly under Days Gone in their "More PC releases planned section".

Uncharted 4 is an action adventure game about treasure hunter Nathan Drake and his worldwide quests for shiny things. You can see every dollar invested in every pixel of the game. It's a big, meaty console seller, so I’m delighted that this is how they chose to reveal it to the world. The series has wowed PlayStationeers for 15 years. They love it. They do that thing where they sell consoles with decals of it plastered all over them. Katharine was so excited when she found the PDF file that she used all caps in the Forbidden RPS Slack Channel of Mystery. You don’t get higher praise than All Caps Kath.

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Sony have clearly been enamoured with the PC since the surprise release of Death Stranding last July, which, while not a first-party Sony game, was one of the console's more notable exclusives from 2019. Horizon Zero Dawn followed a few months later, the success of which spurred them to bring Days Gone over to the PC just a couple of weeks ago. It might mean that the developer Naughty Dog's other series, The Last of Us, could be targeted as a key player in Sony’s off console growth vectors and come to the PC, too. I mean why not? It's definitely one of the PlayStation exclusives we'd love to see come to PC, though I'd much rather have Ghost of Tsushima. Please Sony, my brother has my PS4 and won't give it back.

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