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Sony will "explore" bringing more exclusives to PC

There's more where that came from

Earlier this year, Alice0 mused that it would be weird if Sony didn't bring more exclusives to PC and by golly it looks like they were listening to her specifically because now they're having a proper think about it. Sony now say they will "explore" bringing more games by Sony-owned studios to PC players.

The new statement is tucked away in Sony's 2020 Corporate Report where they use some of my favorite corpo words like "IP" and "synergy" to explain their plans for the future of game series and game studios they own. Sony first say that they're angling for more active users on PlayStation, but also concede there's growth to be had off the platform. "We will explore expanding our first party titles to the PC platform, in order to promote further growth in our profitability," they say.

Sony already seemed to be toying with this possibility. Horizon: Zero Dawn made its way to PC this summer alongside Death Stranding, which, while not a Sony first-party game, was a notable exclusive from last year. Of course their intent to explore bringing more games to PC likely won't mean all games made by Sony-owned studios. It may begin to close the gap between PS4 (or PS5) launches and their PC versions though.

It is nice to see their intent in writing so I can continue to speculate about future ports in good conscience. Maybe we can hope for a larger series to continue leading the charge to PC like, say, the Final Fantasy VII remake whose exclusivity ends in April 2021. That one isn't actually a first-party Sony series but I can't help but mention it when it may be of interest to me and perhaps a handful of other folks. A rising tide lifts all series, right?

My first thought was "wait, didn't they say this already?" but no, that was Sega considering more PC ports. I'll gladly take both, thank you very much.

Ta, VGC.

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