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By the by, Final Fantasy 7 Remake's PS4 exclusivity now ends in April 2021

So... a PC release after that?

Square Enix still have not announced a release for Final Fantasy VII Remake on any system other than PlayStation 4, but they're certainly staying up to date with what they're not saying. They've recently updated the JRPG's box art to echo its recent one-month delay, now saying that it's a PS4 exclusive until April 10th, 2021. What happens then? Ah, who knows. Could be anything. Don't think anything of it. They're just casually refreshing their exclusivity commitment, okay, just because they want to, not because they have any plans.

A label on FF7 Remake's box once said it was "Timed Exclusive until 3/3/21" (one year after its then-launch date), and now says "Timed Exclusive until 4/10/2021" (one year after the new date, remembering American dates are weird so they're talking April).

Gang, come on, be polite. They've not said anything about what happens on April 10th, 2021 or after it. It'd be rude to say that they'd have to be daft to make this vast, expensive game strictly for one system in these days of multiplatform releases. Unless you're a certified psychic I don't want to hear you speculating that an Xbone release is a given and surely a PC release too. Who are you to claim that Sony are making them do this silly dance to secure extra funding? Ah, you're so presumptuous this morning!

Having played FF7 for approximately five minutes at a friend's house 22 years ago, for enffusiasm I will refer you to our Katharine gushing over the latest trailer.

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