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Final Fantasy VII Remake is a PS4 exclusive only for one year

Still no PC release confirmed but...

Over the four years since Square Enix announced their Final Fantasy VII Remake for PlayStations, they've been mighty vague about where else they might release it and when. They still haven't confirmed a PC release but they have now made clear that the PS4 exclusivity is exactly one year long? After that? Oh, who knows. They'll probably just bin it. No strong feelings for anything other than PlayStations, y'know. But if they considering releasing FFVII Remake on other systems? Well, such a thing might be possible from March 3rd, 2021. Hypothetically. If they wanted to. Which they're not saying they do.

Internaut "Wario64" noted that the game's box art has been updated with a wee note:

PlayStation Exclusive
Play first on PS4*
*Timed Exclusive until 3/3/21

I've checked the box art in Squeenix's official marketing depot and yup, it's right there, added yesterday. The game hits PS4 on March 3rd, 2020. And then?

While Squeenix have always focused on the PS4 release, it's seemed obvious that the game will come to other systems too. They might have an affinity for Sony but it'd be daft not to release such an anticipated--and visibly expensive--game elsewhere. So while they've still not said it's coming to PC (or Xbox), mate come on.

When our Katharine and former Brendan (bless his socks) sat down to settle the best Final Fantasy game, they declared VII to be third-best. Since we've been ignoring the Remake while Square Enix faffed about, hey look, it's a trailer from E3 this year:

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