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Konami leak their own Silent Hill reveal ahead of today's stream

Spoilers within, naturally

Konami might have just accidentally leaked the reveal of one of the new Silent Hill games due to be announced later this evening. Earlier this week, the publisher announced there would be a Silent Hill Transmission stream taking place today, October 19th, which would provide "the latest updates" on the series. At the time, there were no streaming links available, but in setting their YouTube page live this morning, Konami jumped the gun and included some of the game names being revealed. And it's the big one, folks. Spoilers within, obvs.

The YouTube description has since had a veil of fog descend on it to remove the game name in question, but not before it was spotted by eagle-eyed Twitter user Nibel. I then put the page through the Internet Archive to see if I could glean some of the info myself, and yep, that sure is Silent Hill 2 sitting right there, isn't it?

The page also makes reference to the Souvenir Shop "Sweet Factory", which was a location in Silent Hill 3, suggesting there might be quite a few announcements lined up for this evening's stream. Other Twitter users have also scoured the page's meta data to reveal a third and maybe even fourth potential Silent Hill game being announced later as well, with PlayStation and Steam releases mentioned in the mix, too - excellent news for long-suffering Silent Hill fans on PC.

There have been plenty of Silent Hill rumours doing the rounds in the last few months. The big one is that Layers Of Fear dev Bloober Team is doing a Silent Hill 2 remake, but there's also been talk of a completely new entry in the series that might be set in the UK. It's possible one or both of these will finally get confirmed later on this evening - after all, the director of Konami's upcoming Silent Hill film did let slip that multiple Silent Hill games are in development right now, so tonight's stream is looking to be a must-watch for fans of the series.

I'm too much of a scaredy cat to have played much Silent Hill. I played Silent Hill 2 many years after the fact and enjoyed its moody mistscapes and tense chases with my old pal Pyramid Head, but Silent Hill 4 and its creepy bunny rabbit is just one of those horror games that freaked me out too much as a teen for me to ever go back to it.

Despite all that, I am intrigued to see what else Konami have got up their Silent Hill sleeve this evening, and you can watch the stream in full on YouTube or its dedicated portal site from 10pm BST / 2pm PT.

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