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Konami still haven't announced a new Silent Hill, but some Silent Hill stuff has arrived

Silent Hill soundtracks back on Spotify!

Despite all the notE3 showcases and announcements this week, Konami have not announced a new Silent Hill. Not even hinted at one. Despite the rumours that they might have two coming. Ah well. However, two notable things have happened in the field of quiet mounds:

1) Dead By Daylight launched Silent Hill DLC, adding Cheryl Mason and Pyramid Head.
2) Konami put seven Silent Hill soundtracks back up on Spotify, including the best one.

That'll have to do for now.

So, Dead By Daylight's new Silent Hill chapter follows the 1v4 multiplayer horrorshow's usual DLC format: one new survivor, one new killer, one new tileset. Cheryl Mason is rocking her Silent Hill 3 gilet and comes with three new perks, making her tougher for a bit after being healed, giving her a bond with the Obsession, and letting her protect generators she repairs. 'The Executioner' is lumbering around with his big knife, which he can use to carve trap trails, and three new perks of his own. And the new map is Midwich Elementary School, as visited in the first Silent Hill.

It's good to see them again, even if it does remain weird/bad that the manifestation of one man's guilt has become a recurring Silent Hill mascot. Better to see Konami license Silent Hill to DLC than only use it for pachinko machines.

The Silent Hill DLC is out now on Steam for £5.19/€6.99/$6.99. Dead By Daylight is holding a free trial week and sale right now too. Other outfits are sold in the in-game store.

Now to face the music. Over on Spotify you can again hear the official soundtracks for Silent Hills 2, 3, 4, Origins, Homecoming, Shattered Memories, and Downpour. That's a lovely amount of rock 'n' roll, ambient synth, and industrial groaning from Akira Yamaoka, plus some songs from other people. Silent Hill 2's is very good.

I honestly couldn't tell you about non-Yamaoka soundtracks. Any you'd recommend, gang?

As for the rumours of new games, ah, everyone's been a-guessing since Konami cancelled Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro's Silent Hills. Recently, whispers have come from serial Twitter rumourmonger "AestheticGamer" (aka "Dusk Golem"), who said in May that Sony Japan Studios were making a PS5-exclusive soft reboot. Supposedly some notable series veterans are working on it, including Silent Hill director Keiichiro Toyama, artist Masahiro Ito, and good ol' Akira Yamaoka. I had hoped that, if this were real, Sony would announce it during their notE3 announceblast last week - but the fact that they didn't doesn't necessarily rule this out.

Ah, I just want a good new Silent Hill game. And for it to be on PC. It doesn't even need to be 'Silent Hill', any sort of horror of that vein from those fine people will do.

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