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The Weekspot podcast: Knockout City is better than you think it is

Looking for promotion to the rocket league

Like a lot of people, I saw that announcement trailer for Knockout City last week and thought, "that seems like a game I will never play, but I hope the people that do end up getting it have a lovely time with it." Then I ended up playing this past weekend's beta for about three hours.

But, before we get onto the topic of EA's play for the Rocket League crowd, Headlines and Hot Takes is full of chat on all the Silent Hill rumours that have been floating around. Some folks seem to think that The Medium developer Bloober Team might be cooking up a new Silent Hill, while others are a bit more sceptical. Also, this week's Tech Corner features some discussion on actual tech, as Nvidia have said they're releasing graphics cards for cryptoboys and girls. Wild.

Cover image for YouTube videoKnockout City: Official Reveal Trailer

Show and Tell has loads of talk on both the surprising quality and accessibility of EA's new dodgeball game, Knockout City, as well as whether or not it will be able to squeeze itself into an already crowded market. Meanwhile, Matthew's been swiping swords into the faces of others in Hellish Quart, which recently launched on Steam early access.

Mystery Steam Reviews is all about horses, this week. Horses you can mount, horses you can shoot, horses you can befriend. Just horses. And we round out the show by opening The Weekspot mailbag to answer your Burning Questions on crime fiction and eggs.

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