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Silent Hill is returning... in Dead By Daylight DLC

In my restless dreams, I see that town...

While the Silent Hill series still seems basically dead, and maybe that's for the best, parts will return in Dead By Daylight. The 1v4 multiplayer horrorshow's next DLC pack will introduce Silent Hill, with Cheryl Mason as a playable survivor, Pyramid Head as a killer, and the school as a new map. DBD has long had guest characters out horror films, from Halloween to Scream, so this is fairly natural. Hell, it's better than Konami tend to treat Silent Hill.

That's a fair spread of Silent Hill from the first few games. Pyramid Head, here known as The Executioner, is from Silent Hill 2, with disappointing reappearances in later games. Our former Adam will tell you Silent Hill 2 is the best Silent Hill and yeah I'd agree. Cheryl Mason (formerly Heather Mason) is from Silent Hill 3, which does have some good bits even if it is mired in mythos. And Midwich Elementary School, the new map tileset, is mostly from the first game (plus the first movie, I guess).

The DLC is now live on the test server, so you can now hop on and have a go if you're curious. Or if you just wanna see what everyone does, a fan wiki has details on Cheryl and P. Head's abilities from the test build.

Dead By Daylight's Silent Hill Chapter is coming to Steam on June 16th. While they've not yet announced the price, DLC packs of this scale tend to cost £5.

We've not had a new Silent Hill game since 2012. Konami's last known attempt was Silent Hills, the game which was being directed by Hideo Kojima with movie director Guillermo del Toro. Y'know, the one announced through 2014's notorious "playable teaser" PT, which is a fantastic horror game in its own right. Then Kojima and Konami's relationship fully collapsed, Kojima started a new studio to make Death Stranding, and Konami committed tried to stop anyone from ever again playing PT. Huns. Vandals. Visigoths.

Rumour have circulated for a while that Konami are planning to resurrect Silent Hill with a new game or even two. The latest whispers from one-man rumour mill Dusk Golem are that Silent Hill 5 will be a soft reboot, made by Sony and exclusive to PlayStation 5. There's nothing solid to support the rumours and I'll not get my hopes up anyway. Silent Hill died long ago and Konami should've stopped beating it years before they did.

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