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Dead by Daylight is teasing a classic Dungeons & Dragons monster as its next killer

Eye see you

A Beholder from Dungeons & Dragons slams against a gloomy cell in the tease for Dead by Daylight's next chapter
Image credit: Behaviour Interactive

Having brought the likes of Resident Evil’s Nemesis, Silent Hill’s Pyramid Head, Stranger Things' Demogorgon and Alien’s Xenomorph to its one-versus-many game of deadly hide-and-seek, Dead by Daylight is digging back into the vaults for its next classic killer. This time, it’s not horror video games or scary movies serving as inspiration for DBD’s next chapter, but 50-year-old tabletop fantasy RPG Dungeons & Dragons.

Developers Behaviour Interactive teased an upcoming collab with the venerated pen-and-paper game - you might’ve heard of it, or at least Baldur's Gate 3 - by dropping a clip of what appears to be a Beholder (yes, it could perhaps be a Spectator, D&D nerds, but Beholder seems likely) banging against the bars of a gloomy dungeon cell.

That’s about all we have to go on for now, with Behaviour planning to reveal more about Dead by Daylight’s next chapter and upcoming development roadmap - including gameplay improvements - during an eight-year anniversary stream on May 14th.

A separate trailer for the anniversary stream revealed that the spooky multiplayer hit has racked up 60 million players since 2016, while taking a trip through its various characters and maps to date - spanning everything from Chucky and Scream’s Ghostface to Alan Wake of, uh, Alan Wake.

The Dungeons & Dragons collab won’t be Dead by Daylight’s first crossover with the world of tabletop games. An official DBD board game was Kickstarted back in 2022, with a fresh expansion adding some of the video game’s more recent DLC characters and maps on the way this summer. It’s quite good fun!

Behaviour seem to be plenty busy as it is too, with single-player spin-off The Casting of Frank Stone on the way and a movie adaptation of DBD in the works over at Blumhouse (a movie based on a game... full of movie characters?)

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