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Alien's iconic Xenomorph is stalking into Dead By Daylight

Mandatory "no one can hear you scream" reference

A close up of the alien in Alien Isolation
Image credit: Sega

Multiplayer peekaboo game Dead By Daylight has added countless horror movie icons to its roster of playable villains and survivors in recent months. Behaviour Interactive have already steamrolled through recognisable faces such as Ghostface, Freddy Kreuger, Leatherface, Micheal Myers, and, err, Nic Cage. But the next collaboration takes the scares to outer space since the Xenomorph (the Alien from Alien) is coming to the game. Here’s a brief teaser.

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More specifically, it's the black leather-looking lizard from Ridley Scott’s claustrophobic Alien, as opposed to James Cameron’s action-leaning follow-up Aliens (emphasis on the plural). That means this Xenomorph isn’t just a cannon fodder creature; it’s a menacing stalker that enjoys playing with its food and is kinda perfect for Dead By Daylight’s one versus four matches.

The developers are revealing more about the upcoming baddie on August 8th next week, but in the mean time, your guess about its moveset is as good as mine. Sneaking through vents? Skewering folks with its tail? Dishing out minor tummy aches? I hope its freaky mouth inside its actual mouth is used somehow, too. Was there ever a practical explanation for what a secondary, smaller chomper was useful for?

My only other major question mark is whether or not our main gal Ellen Ripley (played brilliantly by Sigourney Weaver) is joining the fun as a survivor. Surviving characters from other horror films have joined the game hand in hand with their would-be murderers, and Ripley is basically horror movie royalty at this point. There’s no way in hell Ripley would realistically die at the hands of Ghostface or some of these other chumps, though.

Dead By Daylight began as a pretty clear homage to Hollywood’s slasher flicks, and has since become a sub-genre smorgasbord. So I’m interested in seeing how the upcoming film adaptation approaches the transition.

Note: the headline image comes from Alien Isolation, since the reveal trailer was appropriately too dark to get a good screenshot from.

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