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Dead By Daylight crosses over with Stranger Things next month


Continuing to break down the walls separating horror series and build a crossover world of murder grander than Hollywood ever managed, Dead By Daylight will soon draft the kooky kids of Stranger Things. The next expansion for the 1v4 multiplayer horrorshow will introduce Nancy Wheeler and Steve Harrington as aspiring survivors, and the Demigorgon as a new baddie out to eat their faces. The nitty-gritty of how they'll all play is under wraps for now, but I do look forward to seeing how developers Behaviour gamify Steve's great hair into a character perk. Which they surely they will - how could they not?

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Yeah yeah, those two will do nicely as cartoony versions of their real selves. They don't seem to realise they've walked into a game far deadlier than their home series. Perhaps that's because the chapter's new map is set in the secret underground government lab from the first series of Stranger Things.

The Demigorgon could be an interesting baddie. Dead By Daylight's killers have so far been human or once-human, and a pure beastie could be quite something else. I'd be surprised if it fundamentally changed anything but hey, I can dream until Behaviour's Stranger Things livestream at 7pm on Thursday lays the details bare.

The Stranger Things Chapter is due to launch some time in September. Dead By DLC packs of this scale tend to cost £5-6.

In other Dead By Daylight news, the long-promised dedicated servers are still expected to launch this summer, Behaviour said in their latest dev update. "We have ironed out most of the major issues at this point, but we will be keeping a close eye out for any issues that may arise and will keep you posted as we roll out dedicated servers and implement new features," they said last week. Another dedicated server test is coming soon. Summer ends on September 23rd so hop to it.

Alright, so, Stranger Things season three: do you think they've now realised that the horror and precocious children are not the show's strengths? Steve and the gang had a cracking arc of Scooby Doo japes and antics, Joyce and Hopper had a grand adventure with their new pal, and everyone else... was also there. The devotion to its original stars and mythos are getting in the way of a great load of silly fun.

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