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Halo and Disintegration's Marcus Lehto founding new studio with EA

Hopefully this one doesn't disintegrate

Marcus Lehto, former creative director at Bungie and the artist responsible for Master Chief, has joined EA to found a new studio that will make first-person games. Lehto's last company was V1 Interactive, who released the short-lived Disintegration last year.

Lehto announced the move with a tweet:

There are no other details at this stage, of either the studio or whatever project they might ultimately work on.

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Lehto previously founded V1 Interactive, and made singleplayer and multiplayer scifi shooter Disintegration, which launched in June 2020. Our Disintegration review found the game decent, if derivative. Five months later, its online mulatiplayer was switched off due to lack of interest, and developers V1 Interactive closed their doors back in March.

Being regularly credited as the "co-creator of the Halo Universe" buys you another shot, though. Those games about the BMX helmet-wearing guy are pretty popular.

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