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Riders Republic will offer a free trial week before launch

With progress carrying over

I'm exhausted at the mere thought of most Ubisoft games now, but I do want to fall down mountains in Riders Republic. To make that easier for me, Ubisoft are offering a trial week for their bigly multiplayer extreme sports 'em up. From October 21st until the 27th, you'll be able to play four hours of Riders Republic for free, with progress carrying over to the full game should you buy it.

Four hours is about as much as I play of most Ubisoft games, too, so this might suit me perfectly.

The trial week includes access to all of the game's career and multiplayer modes, although some of the latter will be modified slightly. Mass races, for example, will be capped at 32 players "for a better equity" between players on different platforms, since crossplay will be enabled.

During the trial week, players will be able to participate in the 'Mad Challenge'. By finishing the tutorial and reaching 20 stars, you'll be able to join this multiplayer contest where any player who finishes top 10 in a Mass Race will be entered into a random draw to win a Riders Republic Canyon bike. You can sign up for the Mad Challenge here.

It's obviously not uncommon for multiplayer games to offer a free trial - see every MMO ever - but I'm still somewhat surprised that Ubisoft are offering one for Riders Republic. Although it's time-limited, I'd also wildly speculate that it'll come back at some point after the game's initial release.

Riders Republic will launch for propers the day after the trial week ends, on October 28th.

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Riders Republic

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