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Corsair's flagship Virtuoso RGB Wireless XT headset is 26% off in the UK

A deep £65 discount on an unreasonably luxurious gaming headset.

Corsair's Virtuoso RGB Wireless XT is just as fancy as its long-ass name implies, and today it's £65 off as part of Corsair's autumn sale. That drops the price from £250 to £185, considerably less than even the going price on Amazon of £230. I think this is a great deal if you've got a hefty budget for an all-in-one wireless headset, so let me share a little on why I'm so convinced!

First up, flexibility. This headset has low-latency 2.4GHz wireless for PC and PlayStation consoles, hi-res audio via USB and 3.5mm for the vanishingly few phones, tablets and laptops to retain a headphone jack. Next up, flexibility (again) - these headphones are powerfully built, letting them adapt to your particular noggin while remaining convicingly strong. It even comes with a little case that'll keep it scratch-free when you're travelling.

Of course, a headset could be more or less bullet-proof and it still wouldn't be very good if it didn't sound great - but this one sounds pretty awesome. Bass and mids are emphasised here, with Dolby Atmos included if you prefer surround sound. The sounds you make are picked up cleanly too, with a better-than-average mic for a gaming headset.

Comfort is the final thing here, and it feels like Corsair have really learned a thing or two over the years. The previous version of this headset, the Virtuoso SE, clamped onto your head tightly, but the Wireless XT is better balanced so it stays on your head without such excessive force. It's also convenient to change inputs, adjust the volume or mute the mic, with easily discernible controls on the left earcup.

Altogether, this is one of the best premium headphones on the market, especially if you can make real use of that flexibility in inputs. If not, well - take a look at James' gaming headset recommendations for more food for thought!

And before I go - Corsair's sale also includes a number of other products, from RAM and streaming solutions to fans and AiOs, so it's well worth checking out. Thanks once again for joining me and we'll see you again next week with more deals!

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