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New World will disable character creation on full servers

As they try to adapt to overwhelming demand

New World has implemented a system to stop players from creating characters on "full" servers. Announced today via Twitter, the system is part of Amazon's ongoing efforts to deal with overwhelming demand from folks wanting to play the new MMO.

Here's the announcement on Twitter:

"Whenever a server is full, the server will be greyed out with the messaging 'Character Creation temporarily disabled on this server to prevent overpopulation'. This does not affect any characters already created on the server and you will be able to log in as usual," reads the message.

You can check whether a server is full before attempting to join via the game's server status page.

New World was the most played game on Steam within hours of release, and Amazon have scrabbled since to open new servers. At the time of writing the game has more concurrent players on Steam than ever, with 855,599 people currently onboard. If you're one of them, I recommend checking out our guide to the best New World builds.

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