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Eronoctosis is a free co-op horror adventure launching on Monday

Put yourself together with a pal

Eronoctosis was one of tons of excellent-looking horror games in today's EEK3 indie horror showcase. It happened to stand out though because I'm a real sucker for a high contrast lo-fi colour scheme. Also I'm a sucker for co-op, especially with horror. Eronoctosis: Put Yourself Together looks to be a psychological horror about banishing badies from inside your own mind. You're required to play with a friend, which makes the price tag of free a real good selling point. You can jump in on Monday when it launches free on Steam.

"Explore the deepest recesses of your mind to put yourself back together. There is a meaning to this realm of madness, we must work together to escape," say developers Dream Toaster Games of its story.

Dream Toaster have given Eronoctosis an adults-only rating, by the by, for its "horrific, disturbing monsters. Pixelated genitalia. Ominous and oppressive atmosphere." Its trailer didn't strike me as worse than more realistic gore-y horror trailers, but there's your warning just in case.

Eronoctosis doesn't have a standalone trailer up, at least not that I've found yet, but you can catch it at the 6:53 mark down here in the full showcase.

What's neat about Eronocrosis is that it requires co-op. Neater yet is that it's mildly asymmetric in that you and your pal have different roles. One holds the flashlight, while the other carries a camera for defeating the nightmares.

I really enjoy games with divided co-op responsibilities and the communication they often require. Nothing better than grabbing one of your best pals and attempting to fumble through proper cooperation together—especially when it's in a spooky game.

Eronoctosis originally began as a jam game, which you can still find over on Itch. The new release will launch for free on Steam this Monday, October 11.

There were tons of other retro-inspired and lo-fi horror games from this year's EEK3 showcase hosted by Haunted PS1. You can catch the whole show up there in the video.

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