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The Sims 4's next free update will add challenge scenarios

Coming next week

A lot of people play The Sims 4 by pursuing community-created challenges, whether they're about building particular types of homes, having a particular number of babies, or many more. Next week a free update for The Sims 4 will add these kinds of challenges to the game itself, beginning with two new scenarios.

Maxis showed the feature off during their regular livestream. Called Scenarios, it's a main menu option that lets you start a new game or use an existing save with an applied set of conditions, and an objective to aim for.

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The free update will come with two such challenges, called 'Making Money' and 'Finding Love After A Break Up'. Maxis showed the former off in detail, although its fairly straightforward: you start the game with zero simoleons, the Sims' in-game currency, and must gather a million simoleons to win. How you do it is up to you.

Challenges can have particular requirements that need to be fulfilled along the way, potentially shaping the kind of household you need to create in order to pursue the challenge. Maxis also say they'll be adding new challenges in future updates.

While this isn't anything that the Sims community hasn't been doing itself for years, it's nice to see it properly supported as a feature in-game all the same. It's even nicer that its free.

If you're looking for a particularly easy way to complete the 'Making Money' challenge, check out our page of Sims 4 cheats. Or hit up our YouTube channel for lots of great videos about The Sims 4. I miss when Alice L was here and making these.

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