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The Sims 4's next kits add new ways to be stylish at home and by the pool

Arriving September 7th

A woman sits in her fancy plush apartment in The Sims 4.
Image credit: EA Maxis

The Sims 4 is getting two new Kits - the small-ish pieces of DLC which add new items, and no new mechanics, to the construction toybox. The Poolside Splash kit adds new "brght and playful" swimwear and poolside floaties, while the Modern Luxe kit adds expensive décor for use in posh homes. Both kits launch later this week on September 7th.

As well as swimwear, examples from Poolside Splash given in the announcement post include "aquatic accessories" such as shades, sandals, and new nail designs.

My personal idea of luxury centers on being able to afford to fully stock my cupboards with beans and macaroni. Sims aim higher. The Modern Luxe kit includes "TV’s disguised as wall art, designer handbags, sculptures and a functional record player." The kit was made in partnership with Sims YouTuber Xureila.

"From my vision board of the design to choosing the style and colors of the furniture, it was surreal seeing my ideas come to life," says Xureila in the announcement. "I drew inspiration from Black artists who showcased the luxurious lifestyle of Black individuals. This ultimately served as the primary influence for the project. I mixed in my own personal tastes and interests to create the final product."

New DLC continues to appear regularly for The Sims 4, such as the Horse Ranch expansion back in July. EA Maxis have announced that they've started work on The Sims 5, however, currently known as Project Rene, and have shown off early in-engine prototypes.

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