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Saddle up horses and make nectar in The Sims 4's next expansion

Spirited away

Horses are trotting their way into The Sims 4 as part of the game's next expansion, with leaks sharing some specific details ahead of its full reveal. The official Sims Twitter account did show a short teaser trailer earlier this week of a Sim imagining a life out in the desert, promising a "rootin' tootin' expansion, two bold kits," and a Behind the Sims presentation. You can check out the full trailer for that when it debuts later today, but leaks regarding the expansion were shared on the Sims Community fan site after details and screenshots were mistakenly shared on Steam earlier this week.

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According to the leak, the expansion pack is due out July 20, just under a month away. It being a pack all about horses, you won't be surprised to hear that you can raise, train, and form special bonds with your horses that the leaks call "customisable members of your family." While the main (mane?) draw is being able to care for a horse, you can also look after mini sheep or mini goats, and your Sim can earn money by selling homemade nectar too, a returning feature from The Sims 3.

On the point of horses being "customisable," you'll be able to choose exactly how your horses look in Create a Sim, but if that's not your thing, you can also just rescue or buy one. It's even possible for foals to be born so you can raise them up from the very start of their life. There's a new riding skill for Sims to learn, and horses can be trained up with agility and jumping skills - all of which you can put to use by entering competitions at the equestrian centre.

You can also do all the typical farm life activities, like gathering up prairie grass to feed your animals, or collecting horse manure to fertilise your plants. Like with every other part of The Sims, you can also design your ranch, with options like a traditional cabin or one of those classic big red barns.

Buying the expansion before August 31 will also net you some "Rockin' Rancher Digital Content," which is just a few bits of stuff, like a resonator guitar, wagon wheel art, and rustic rocking chair.

You can watch the official trailer on The Sims' YouTube channel today, 6pm BST, ahead of its apparent July 20 release date.

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