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What are we all playing this weekend?


I ate my first mince pie this week, which feels like a betrayal of my belief that Christmastime should not start before Halloween is over. That said, it wasn't a mince puff, so does it really count? Please, tell me about your festive eating. And may as well mention what you're playing this weekend.

Alice Bee
is poorly. Poor Alice!

I'm off to the sculpture park to see an upside-down shop in the woods, then I'm having a grand old time sneaking around Prague in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

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My friends and I are off to the sandy shores of Devon and rumours suggest a PS5 will be present. There are whispers of Demon's Souls too. Of course, I'm also going armed with Judgment, as I stow all of Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio's games in my jacket pockets anyway. I will report back with my findings.

This weekend, I'll be playing the try-not-to-stress-about-public-transport game, because I'm zipping down to London for MCM Comic Con! It's my first convention in about 5 years, and the first convention I've ever done solo, so I'm a weird mix of nervous and excited. I'll be getting some autographs and generally wandering around trying not to spend all of my money, but temptation will probably beat me on that one.

I've finished Inscryption now but I know there's a lot of weirdness I missed, so I plan on diving back in to find it all. Also I just really want to play it again. It's so good, and so, so creepy. I haven't stopped thinking about it all week.

A stoat card speaks to you in Inscryption
Inscrybe THIS | Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Devolver Digital

More Back 4 Blood for me. Though hopefully with matchmaking that gives me fewer speedrunners and more people who also just want to collect copper and vibe.

I'm going to be getting my spooks on early this weekend by playing the Pikmin-esque Dap. I'm also tempted to dig out my Oculus Quest 2 and give Resident Evil 4 VR a go as well, as I noped out of playing the original after the very first fight because it was too darn stressful. I'm sure playing the same thing in VR will be significantly less terrifying. Yep. 100%. Definitely a good decision, I think.

So The Riftbreaker is a thing, then. An action-RPG tower defence game with bits of Factorio and Supreme Commander thrown in? Music to my ears. I've played just a couple hours so far but damn, I didn't expect it to look this pretty. Nor for the mish-mash of genre elements to work so smoothly. I only wish the mech suit and its pilot would shut the hell up once in a while.

An end is finally in sight for my long-protracted house move, but on the downside that means I'm unlikely to get much time for gaming this weekend. Maybe I'll just have to gamify my tasks — it's certainly going to take all my Tetris skills to get the new living room in order.

But you, reader dear, what are you playing this weekend?

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