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Can you change your name in New World?

Is it possible to rename your New World character?

Want to know if you can change your name in New World? It's a common tale of woe among MMO players: your ideal name is already taken, so you have to settle for an inferior moniker. Then later you realise that it just doesn't sit right and you need a name name to strike fear into the hearts of your enemies. But can it be done? Find out whether you can rename your character in New World below.

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Can you change your name in New World?

Currently, you cannot change your character name in New World once you have confirmed it. For all the features, bells, and whistles that Amazon Game Studios have added to this behemoth of an MMO, there's sadly no option anywhere in the game or out of it to rename your character.

With no ability to rename characters, the only way to get a character with a new name is to delete your existing character and create a new one, or to create a new character in a different realm, which will mean you at least get to keep your existing character. You'd still have to start from scratch with the new character, though, so it's not a great solution.

As with many MMOs, in New World everyone must have a unique character name. It's unclear if this will remain this way forever, but it's already caused some grief for players particularly during the launch week surge where popular names are being snatched up at an incredible speed - with the exception of certain names, of course.

That's the question of character renaming in New World answered. We'll be sure to keep you updated if this ever changes. But hey! So your character might not have the best name. You can still make them the most fearsome fighter in Aeturnum with our New World best builds guide. And to further mask the shame of their unfortunate name, you can clad them in the best armour and equip them with the best weapons in the game, too. And if that's thinking a bit too far in the future, you can consult our comprehensive guides on the different attributes and the best leveling methods for your character.

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