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You can't be Jeff Bezos in New World

Clearly he would be too powerful

Picture the scene. You're playing newly released coloniast theme park New World when who should walk over to you but Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. The billionaire says that he's locked out of his bank accounts, but if you buy him several Amazon gift cards, he'll pay you back with "extra" once he gets his access back.

This situation probably can't happen, because "Jeff Bezos" and almost every variation of it aren't permitted names in Amazon's MMO.

Hit 'view gallery' under the image above to see our attempts to circumvent the filter (for research purposes).

Every MMO blocks particular words from being used in names, and given the hypothetical scenario I proposed above, I suppose it makes sense that no one should be able to use the name Jeff Bezos. The name alone would have too much power within New World, such that it should not exist. Thank goodness no one has the power of Jeff Bezos in the real world, eh.

Geoff Bay Sos is fine, though. That guy is nice.

New World has launched to a lot of players and a lot of queues to join servers. If you've reached the front of the queue, check out our guide to the best New World weapons.

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