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Get a 27-in Fast IPS 1440p 144Hz monitor for £238 - that's £62 off its normal price

A historic low price for the current gaming monitor sweet spot.

Fast IPS monitors like the Dell S2721DGFA and LG 27GN800 have become some of my personal favourites to recommend, thanks to their combination of excellent motion handlin, wide viewing angles and gorgeous colours. We've seen these 27-in models discounted to around £300 a few times over the past few months, but today a couple of discount codes have dropped the price to historic lows.

You can choose from the Dell S2721DGFA, a 165Hz monitor with great ergonomics, for £270, or the LG 27GN800, a 144Hz monitor with a more basic stand, for £238. Either way, you'll get an incredible value gaming monitor that's perfect for a wide range of games and gaming PCs.

Both of these monitors use the same LG Fast IPS panel, hence their spec simularities (and presence in the same RPS article!). As we mentioned in the intro, this kind of screen combines the strengths of TN (great motion handling and low input lag) with the benefits of IPS (wide viewing angles and accurate colours). It's a strong combination for work or play, whether you're sitting down for a few hours with your favourite MMO, popping heads in Counter-Strike, tweaking snaps in Photoshop or just mindlessly scrolling through Reddit.

a photo of the lg 27gn800 27-in 1440p 144hz fast ips monitor

Of course, no monitor is perfect. These IPS screens do have one weakness, and that's contrast. Most IPS screens offer a 1000:1 ratio between the darkest darks and lightest lights, while these screens tend to be closer to 900:1. This is because even a perfect black appears a little bit grey, so you lose something in dark scenes compared to a VA panel (typical contrast ratio: 2000:1 or higher) or OLED screen (typical contrast ratio: more or less infinite, given individual pixels can be turned off entirely for perfect blacks). Still, VA and OLED both have their own problems, and you aren't likely to find good implementations of either anywhere near this kind of price point!

All things considered, I think picking up one of these screens for significantly less than £300 is an incredible result. I spent around £650 for a 1440p 144Hz IPS monitor just a few years back, and it's completely outclassed by these monitors when it comes to motion handling.

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So: learn from my mistakes. Don't buy monitors a few years ago, buy them now when they're good and cheap! Remember also to use code FALL20 for the LG monitor on Ebay and code DELLNJMON104 for the Dell monitor. (You can also get a lower price on the Dell model, just £255, if you have a Dell Advantage or NHS Blue Light card.)

I hope this was helpful, and I'll see you next time.

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