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Far Cry 6 is out now, with some launch crashes on PC

Players report co-op issues, trouble opening the game, and more

Ubisoft's new open-world dictatorship-toppling simulator Far Cry 6 is out now. You'll be liberating an island, creating make-shift weapons and traversing a huge world - you know, Far Cry stuff. Do watch out if you're playing today though, because a few players have reported crashes on launch, struggles opening the game, and trouble connecting to online services for co-op.

In Ed's Far Cry 6 review, he says the game is fun but repetitive: "Not a great show, not a particularly memorable stand-out. Just a solid mash of juvenile guerrilla action."

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As for launch woes, do watch out for crashes when trying to open the game. Some players report Far Cry 6 crashing after the splash screen, while others are having issues launching the game outright. In response to this, Ubisoft Support staff say players should make sure they're playing on Windows 10, suggesting that pesky new Windows 11 could be causing problems.

Another common complaint is that co-op isn't working. Some players report receiving a "Far Cry 6 service is not available" message on the main menu, so you might have to go it alone until their online stuff is more stable.

It's worth noting that, because Ubisoft are only selling Far Cry 6 on PC via the Epic Games Store and their own storefront, neither of which support player reviews, it's hard to get a sense of how widespread these problems are. For all their review-bombing flaws, Steam player reviews are helpful.

But, if you are running into any issues, it might be worth looking at Ubi's Player Support board or their general troubleshooting page. You can also contact the devs with more details of your tech troubles right here.

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