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Back 4 Blood jukebox music list: every song that plays on the Back 4 Blood jukebox

Slash along to a killer soundtrack using the Back 4 Blood jukebox

Want a list of songs that play on the Back 4 Blood jukebox? A few missions into Act 1, you’ll come across the Bar Room Blitz mission. Sure, there are some story points about distracting zombies and saving people, but this mission is a smash-hit for one reason. There’s a jukebox that plays some very cool tunes in the background whilst you shoot, slash, and slaughter zombies from every angle. If you really like that one scene in Shaun Of The Dead, then this will be your fever dream.

This guide will show you all of the songs that you can hear on the Back 4 Blood jukebox, so that you can repeatedly replay Bar Room Blitz whilst waiting for someone to inevitably get Simon Pegg and Nick Frost to play the mission on Youtube.

Back 4 Blood Jukebox Song List

If you’ve only played the Bar Room Blitz mission in Back 4 Blood once, you might think there are a couple of songs that can play on the jukebox. However, Turtle Rock Studios have actually assembled a killer soundtrack, featuring 16 different songs that are perfect for a bit of zombie slaying.

Here’s a list of every song that plays on the Back 4 Blood jukebox:

  • Ace Of Spades - Motorhead
  • All Hell Breaks Loose - Misfits
  • Black Betty - Spiderbait
  • Cross Road Blues - Robert Johnson
  • Don’t Stop Me Now - Queen
  • Electric Worry - Clutch
  • Empty Streets - A Pretty Mess
  • Evil (Is Going On) - Howlin’ Wolf
  • I’m Leaving You Baby (Won’t Be Back No More) - Luther “Guitar Junior” Johnson
  • In Hell I’ll Be In Good Company - The Dead South
  • Miserlou - Dick Dales
  • My Home Is In The Delta - Muddy Waters
  • Rusty Cage - Johnny Cash
  • Sun Sinking Low - Mr. Airplane Man
  • Tick Tick Boom - The Hives
  • The Devil Inside - Daniel Murphy, Anthony Sanudo, Eric Serna

I’m not so proud to say I’d only heard about 4 of those songs previously, so I think I’ll have to expand my music horizons a little bit. If you don’t want to replay the Back 4 Blood campaign, you can also find the jukebox opposite the Supply Lines table in the Fort Hope hub area.

If you are streaming Back 4 Blood, remember to be careful when using the jukebox. Alissa Barry, the communications manager at Turtle Rock Studios, took to Twitter at launch to warn streamers that they do not have streaming rights for any licensed music in the game. This means you could be hit with a copyright strike if any of the songs listed above play on your stream. Barry did go on to share that the team are working on a setting to switch off licensed music, but you’ll need to manually turn down the in-game SFX volume for now.

That’s everything you need to know about the Back 4 Blood jukebox. If finding your funk isn’t enough to get you through Nightmare mode, check out our Back 4 Blood tips and tricks for some extra help. If you want to win the war against the undead, take a look at our list of the best weapons and cards in Back 4 Blood. To form the perfect team, check out our list of the best characters in Back 4 Blood. However, you'll need to unlock all of the cleaners if you want to try every character.

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Back 4 Blood

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