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New World Petalcaps: where to find Fronded Petalcaps in New World

Petalcaps are a key ingredient in several different potion recipes in New World.

Where can you find Petalcaps in New World? Petalcaps are a useful resource in New World, since they're a key component to crafting many of the game's potions. It can be overwhelming looking for resources on Aeternum, simply because there's just so much flora and fauna knocking about (and so many other players looking for the same things). Read on for everything you need to know about where Fronded Petalcaps spawn so that you can narrow your search.

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Where to find Petalcaps in New World

Fronded Petalcaps have a few things going for them in the noticeability department. They are quite large, are a more luminous shade of green than most of the other plants around them, and overall look quite pleasingly like giant artichokes.

A New World character standing beside a fronded petalcap, with the interaction to collect petals on-screen.

The Petalcap is native to the Windsward region of Aeternum, which is a conveniently central location from the very early stages of the game, since it's right in the middle of all four starting zones. Within Windsward, Fronded Petalcaps are fairly common, sprouting up in any area that could be described as remotely verdant, whether it's an open field or a more enclosed forested area. Basically, unless you're in a dry or coastal part of the region, there's likely to be some Fronded Petalcaps relatively close by.

If you're looking for exact spawn locations, we recommend the massively helpful New World Map website, which has a key that can be filtered to show individual resources.

A zoomed-in map section of New World's Windsward region, showing Fronded Petalcap resource spawn locations.
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Before you set out on your search, just be aware that you need Level 1 Harvesting skill and a Flint Sickle (or better) in order to gather Petalcaps.

That's all we've got on the subject of Fronded Petalcaps, but New World really does have lots and lots of resources for you to gather and craft with! Whether you're after other plants like briars or hemp, wildlife such as turkeys or fish, or even minerals like iron to help you craft weapons, we've got plenty of guides to help you find what you need. Or, if you're looking for a more general introduction to New World, see our suggestions for the best New World character builds.

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