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Back 4 Blood Doc build: best build for Doc

Become the perfect healer with our Doc build

Doc in Back 4 Blood
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Want to know the best build for Doc in Back 4 Blood? Doc is the resident healer in Back 4 Blood, so she takes on a supportive role like Mom. Doc’s passive bonuses allow her to heal each teammate for 25 health once per level, whilst also increasing her healing efficiency and the team’s trauma resistance. However, you'll need to know how to unlock all cleaners in Back 4 Blood before you can select Doc in your campaign.

This guide will show you everything that you need to know to create the best Doc build in Back 4 Blood, so that you can keep your teammates at the top of their game.

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Best Doc build in Back 4 Blood

The real heroes are the players who stay out of the fray and choose to heal teammates instead. Well, Doc can keep everyone in good condition whilst dealing a fair bit of damage to the undead, making her one of the best characters in Back 4 Blood.

Use the following cards in your Doc build:

  • Rousing Speech
  • Combat Medic
  • Amped Up
  • EMT Bag
  • Antibiotic Ointment
  • Medical Expert
  • Ammo Stash
  • Mag Coupler
  • Reload Drills
  • Widemouth Magwell
  • Charitable Soul
  • Shoulder Bag
  • Fanny Pack
  • Saferoom Recovery
  • Medical Professional

If there’s a card with a significant drawback, I like to put it at the top of the deck. If you're going to lose something during your run, it's best to get rid of it straight away, and there's usually a significant bonus to make up for the loss. With that in mind, Rousing Speech takes the top spot for this Doc build. It gives a massive 225% boost to revive speed, but disables access to offensive accessories, like grenades and molotovs. Combat Medic makes up for that a little bit though, by healing teammates for an additional 20 health when you revive them.

Amped Up is another very important card, as it gives your team 50 temporary health points each time you exit a saferoom. This card only comes third on the list because you shouldn’t really need it for your very first mission, as you’ll have full health anyway.

Back 4 Blood Doc build, highlighting the Rousing Speech card.

The next few cards bolster Doc’s healing efficiency (the amount you heal when using medical accessories). This is already increased by 20% over other characters by default, but EMT Bag, Antibiotic Ointment, and Medical Expert combine to improve your healing efficiency by another 75%. That means in total, your healing efficiency is almost doubled. It’s definitely fair if you hog all of the bandages, by the way.

Healing and helping others is great, but you also need to look out for yourself. After all, there is a zombie apocalypse to survive. There are over 30 weapons in Back 4 Blood, and automatic pistols certainly aren’t on our list of the best weapons you should use. However, when paired with Ammo Stash, they work really well. Ammo Stash gives your secondary weapon unlimited ammo, so you can shoot without a care in the world. However, it does slow your reload speed by 20%. Fortunately, Mag Coupler, Reload Drills, and Widemouth Magwell all increase reload speed and outweigh the negative, so they come next in the deck.

Whilst thinking about looking after yourself, Charitable Soul deserves a spot in every healer’s deck. It gives a 50% chance to gain health when healing a teammate, so you can reap the rewards of being a good doctor and waste less bandages on yourself. It’s one of the best cards in Back 4 Blood for a reason. You’ll probably still run out at some point though, so use Shoulder Bag and Fanny Pack to increase your support accessory inventory, allowing you to hold more medical items.

Trauma damage is a key part of Back 4 Blood. As you take damage, some of it will be permanently added to your health bar, reducing your maximum health. This can be devastating in later rounds, so our Doc build has a few cards to help fix the problem. Saferoom Recovery heals 5 trauma damage at the start of every level, whilst Medical Professional heals trauma when you use a first aid kit or defibrillator.

That’s everything you need to know to make the best Doc build in Back 4 Blood. If all the extra healing power isn’t enough to survive Nightmare mode, check out our Back 4 Blood tips and tricks for more help. If you need to unlock a few more cards, take a look at our Supply Lines guide to find out how to get supply points and new cards. To avoid taking damage in the first place, check out our guide to the Special Ridden mutations in Back 4 Blood.

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