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Is this the cheapest 4TB SSD ever? $312 for a Samsung 870 Qvo

8¢ per gigabyte for a high-speed SATA SSD.

The massive 4TB Samsung 870 Qvo has hit a historic low price at Newegg, where you can use code EMCXHEHU2 to knock this drive from $390 to just $312. That's an incredible price for a high-speed SATA SSD, just 8¢ per gigabyte (!!).

Our fearless leader Katharine reviewed the 870 Qvo last year, and noted that this extra-large SSD makes some sensible sacrifices in order to deliver great performance in most tasks while also remaining cheap. Sustained writes speeds aren't great, in common with other drives that are built around QLC technology, but this is ameliorated by having a large DRAM cache - for the 4TB drive, this is a sizeable 4GB. That keeps performance high during normal tasks, like playing games or copying files around. It's this kind of clever decision-making that's made the 870 Qvo our pick for 'best big SATA SSD'.

Just for fun, I took a look at some of the other 4TB SSDs you can get right now, to see if I could find anything cheaper. Perhaps unsurprisingly, that was a big fat no: the 870 Qvo on Amazon is $376, some $64 more expensive, while the WD Blue is $380.

Portable SSDs like the Crucial X6 are also significantly more expensive; this one goes for $490 for a 4TB model. So if you want a giant portable SSD, just pair this drive with a 10Gbps SATA enclosure and you'll be good to go for a fraction of the price.

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In any case, I hope this deal proves useful to the PC builders and data hoarders out there. Thanks for checking it out, and we'll see you again next week for more deals!

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