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Haunted PS1's indie horror game showcase EEK3 returns on Friday

So are you afraid of the dark?

If you think you're tired of game showcases, this one might just resurrect your enthusiasm from its post-E3 grave. We're being tricked and treated to another "EEK3" showcase of indie horror games hosted by Haunted PS1. Last year's showcase dug up a whole bunch of trailers for new and upcoming spooky games with a lo-fi or retro flair. This year is sure to unearth more of the same when it premieres this Friday.

You may know Haunted PS1 from their demo disc releases that have bundled together tons of demos for neat indie horror games. Last year's EEK3 featured the likes of Chasing Static and Signalis and more. The trailer for March's demo disc right here will give you more of an idea the kind of things you're in for.

As for what's coming this year, OKSoft creators of Coffin Mall (on Steam) say they'll have a trailer in this year's showcse for their atmospheric horror game about a mall cop being haunted by a murderous car. Yup, that's the wacky good stuff. Narrative horror RPG An Outcry (on Itch) say they'll be accounted for as well.

In the past, Haunted PS1 have said of their collections that "HPS1 is a community where we try to accept all low-fi and retro art directions. As such not every game has to be 3D or have the particular visual quirks of any specific hardware. In a similar way we do not require the games to have a strict horror theme, instead they can be atmospheric, have a slight unnerving twist or even just feel so of the era that we can't resist loving them and wanting them in the collection."

Given that this is going down in October this year, instead of June, I'd be willing to bet they'll lean pretty hard into the many shades of horror. I'll just be hoping for a few Halloween-y options this year. You know, some sheet ghosts and jack-o-lanterns to go with the blood and jump scares.

EEK3 is creeping onto your screen this Friday, October 8th over on Twitch.

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