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The Game Awards will be back in person this year on December 9th

Geoff jokes return to the main stage

Summer's in the bin, which means it's time to stop looking back at those E3 showcases and start thinking about the end of year shows. The Game Awards, the December-ly bonanza of world premieres interspersed with the occasional trophy, is back on again. After going online in December 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, show host Geoff Keighley is getting the band back together on stage this year for an in person show that's been scheduled for December 9th.

"Excited to be back to our full-scale show—that means The Game Awards Orchestra live on stage once again," Keighley announced over on Twitter along with the show date.

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As Keighley points out, that is only ten weeks away which gives me one of those involuntary "oh gosh, the year sure went fast, huh?" moments.

That's about all there is to know so far this year until the TGAs announce which award categories and nominees we'll be voting on this year. Of course there's the highest honor for Game Of The Year to vote on, but there are always lots of other categories as well, awarding titles such as "Best Debut Game" along with categories for specific genres and recognition for best art direction and sound design.

The best debut game award is a favorite of mine. It's a quite variable category, having picked winners anywhere from the undeniably lovely Disco Elysium to the janky breakout hit Phasmophobia. I wonder which 2021 debuts will make the nominees list. I imagine that Valheim will likely be in the running, right? Perhaps Kena: Bridge Of Spirits as well. Any other likely contenders you have your own eyes on?

The Game Awards 2021 will be hosted in the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, premiering online on December 9th.

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